Vacation in Paris Now or You Will Die Alone and Full of Regrets, Says Expedia

Sad but true?

Don't skip your trip to Paris. The love of your life is waiting there, says Expedia.

In this new ad from Expedia Mexico (and director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz), the online travel agency tells a simple story about buying plane tickets and having a meaningful life, from the perspective of an old woman looking back on the roots and fruits of her international romance.

In the end, alas, regret prevails.

It's something of a bold move for any brand, especially a tech-driven brand, to tackle themes of Parisian love, given Google's masterpiece on the subject. But Expedia's ad is pleasant enough, if in an ominous and convoluted sort of way.

Because nothing sells vacations like telling consumers they will die alone if they make the wrong choice.