Utah chooses slogan: ‘Life elevated’

You may remember a few months ago, Utah came up with a
fabulous new state slogan, only to realize that maybe they should have done a
little research—it was too close to Colorado’s “Enter a higher state” and had
to be ditched. Now they’ve announced the replacement line: “Life elevated.” I
feel like there should be a period, or at least a comma, in between the words,
but that’s a quibble—the line is perfectly decent to sell Utah. Of course, the tourism people have to
ruin it by opening their mouths. “‘Life elevated’ can be taken in a variety of
ways. We’re about attitude, not altitude,” says the managing director of the
Utah Tourism Office. Ugh. The motto for Utah’s ski industry
remains “The greatest snow on Earth.” UPDATE: The Salt Lake Tribune gives the slogan a thumbs-down: “Any catchphrase would fall short of summing up the depth
and breadth of even a relatively homogenous state like ours. The problem is not
what was chosen, but the idea that any state could or should spend $14 million
on a branding and marketing campaign centered around this or any other
necessarily inadequate sentence fragment.”