Usain Bolt Gets Most Awesome Endorsement Offer Yet

Stake in Shutl, plus something extra special

Shutl, a delivery company that specializes in ferrying online retail purchases to customers, is offering Jamaican sprinter/fastest person alive Usain Bolt a deal: If he helps them set a world record for fastest delivery, they will give him a 1 percent stake in the company—and, because they don't know what his metabolism is capable of, "all the McNuggets you need." Check out the impressive offer letter below. Bolt, of course, claimed to have fueled up on McNuggets before the 100-meter final this year. I wonder if Puma or RockLive came on that strong in their respective approaches. All kidding aside, I hope he accepts the offer. I've never seen an Olympic track star get explosive indigestion mid-sprint before. Might be fun to watch. Photo: Via Adverve.