'USA Today' Opening Up Its Super Bowl Ad Meter to Facebook

Old focus groups will be secondary

USA Today is shifting the focus of its Super Bowl Ad Meter to Facebook, where users will be able to score the 2012 ads with a real-time app, according to a report by Mashable. Despite its clunky name, the USA Today-Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter is definitely a leap into the social-media age for one of the ad industry's most storied annual events. Instead of being based on a few obscurely located focus groups, the app will let users everywhere view, rate and share Super Bowl ads. "Making the Ad Meter social brings it to an entirely new level, and we're proud to be a part of it," Facebook marketing executive Mike Hoefflinger tells Mashable. The Ad Meter has had more than its share of critics, including us. Baffled by the top scorers this year, we came up with our own rating system based on YouTube likes and dislikes. For the coming game, USA Today reportedly will keep its old-school Ad Meter focus groups to "supplement results of the application." So, what do you think? Does this unfairly weight the Ad Meter toward the opinions of the 50 percent of Americans who are on Facebook? And more important, what does this mean for the 0.3 percent of Americans who actually like GoDaddy ads?