U.S. Army now taking its cues from Apple

The U.S. Army plans to open high-tech experiential recruitment centers beginning with a pilot program at an undisclosed site in August. Per Brandweek, “It will consist of three large simulators with full-scale mock-ups of Army equipment and wrap-around 270-degree video screens.” Apache, Black Hawk and HMMWV simulators will allow prospective enlistees to experience those weapons systems. Apple’s retail outlets apparently inspired the idea. Of course, buying a Mac won’t kill you, unless it has one of those wonky batteries that sometimes catch on fire. (Or is that Dell?) Signing up for a hitch in the military, however, especially with a war on, can carry rather more serious possible consequences. I’d suggest firing at the high-school geeks during the simulations. If they see the virtual missions through, they’re way beyond “Army strong” and merit full commissions. In the Marines.

—Posted by David Gianatasio