Urban poets clean up Philly’s littered streets


LevLane put street poets in its new ads for Philadelphia's anti-litter effort. Hmm, what could be more accessible than urban poetry performed with congas, acoustic bass and saxophone? It's a vibrant art form (I guess) and less annoying than country music, that's for sure. The tagline is "UnLitter Us," but let's pretend it isn't. It's actually a nice idea to have street artists defending their turf like this. See four more ads after the jump. Howl, street poets! Howl against the discarded soda cans, broken PC monitors, cracked and un-spooled cassette tapes (usually Moby, tossed for good reason) and all the detritus that dims the sun-kissed summer sidewalk! I envy poets because they're millionaires. Or they're good with rhymes. It's one of those.

—Posted by David Gianatasio