Unseen dangers a bit too vague in HIV spot

This Canadian HIV PSA by ad agency BleuBlancRouge is maybe a bit too slick for its own good. Playing like a horror-film trailer (better than most I've seen), it undercuts its good intentions with flashy visuals that are impressive but do little to deliver the broader message of being prepared and taking precautions. That's a shame, because the "unseen danger" scenarios are nicely realized, with scenes of flying bodies, a vicious beating and a drowning expertly shot and set to a pounding soundtrack with an evil vibe. Still, the fantastical metaphors lack context—this could be a PSA for almost anything. (Maybe it's an out-of-work invisible monkey wreaking havoc?!) Instead of an invisible force dramatically attacking its victims on darkened streets, it might've been more effective and unsettling to show the disease slowly and quietly weakening and destroying its hosts, bit by bit, from within. Via Osocio.