U.K. Watchdog Puts a Lid on Rihanna’s Sultry Perfume Ad

Too 'sexually suggestive' for public viewing

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority is once again stepping in to save us all, this time from a saucy ad for Rihanna's perfume, Rogue.

The ad, which is basically a nude Rihanna sandwiched between a wall and a giant perfume bottle, is too "sexually suggestive" to be seen in areas heavily trafficked by children, the U.K. watchdog group has decided. The specific complaints addressed the ad's placement on elevator doors in a shopping mall.

The ASA had received complaints saying the ad was demeaning to women and inappropriate to children.

Parlux Ltd. (the company that makes Rogue) is protesting the restriction by arguing that the ad doesn't feature "improper nudity or offensive, suggestive or demeaning imagery," and that Rihanna's posture is powerful rather than demeaning.

The ASA agreed the ad isn't demeaning, but that's not to say the image conveys power either. I mean, the poor woman is jammed into a really awkward position and scowling like she just caught the bad end of a slow-moving fart.

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