U.K. turns nose up at poo-centric Glade ads

The British have been making a stink lately over SC Johnson's advertising for its Glade Touch'n Fresh bathroom air fresheners. Every ad, it seems, features a child whining about his need to defecate, or about the unpleasant results of doing so. The latest spot, above, shows a boy who resolves to "do a poo" at his friend Paul's house, because Paul's mom is smart and installed Glade Touch'n Fresh dispensers, thus masking the boy's shameful odors. The ad's been deemed offensive pretty much across the board. "How weird is this advert? I mean WEIRD," writes the YouTube uploader. "Sometimes I think I should get a job in advertising just to stop stupid crap like this being made." (The kid does say "do a poo" three times, which seems excessive.) The previous spot, posted below, didn't do any better, perhaps because it begins with a kid on the toilet shouting, "Pwahh, it stinks!"

—Posted by Tim Nudd