Twitter Releases Intentionally Horrible Help-Wanted Video

Looks like they really do need some talent

Only a complete twit would refuse to favorite this Twitter recruitment video, which has notched more than 400,000 YouTube views since its launch on Friday. The clip skewers the frequently tacky genre (like the best parodies on Funny Or Die) while portraying the company as a geek-tastically hip place to work. Even CEO Dick Costolo gets in on the fun, playing straight man to subordinates Ian Padgham and Jeremy Briggs, who march into the boss's office to present a recruitment film that Costolo doesn't recall asking them to make. The hackneyed nature of this play-within-a-play setup is part of the joke, as is Padgham's goofy rah-rah patter as host. "Working at Twitter isn't just a sweet job. It's a way of life. A way of life that's like a sweet job," he asserts at one point, later adding, "Boy, I wish I didn't already work here so I could apply for a job!" We learn that Twitter offers "benefits" like T-shirts and bottles of wine. (At AdFreak, we get gym shorts and Schlitz.) Unlike Twitter's much-maligned branding commercial last year, this clip hits the bull's-eye, especially since the target is presumably in sync with the microblogging firm's corporate mind-set and attuned to silly humor. In that spirit, I applied for the first job I saw on the site: Cassandra Engineer. I bet she's hot! #WIN

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