Twitter, now with 100 percent more Jesus

Do you love Twitter but hate how you have to read all those awful anti-Christian messages on it? Then you need Gospelr, the new Twitter-like service for "ministry microblogging." Gospelr claims it’s not just a Twitter clone. In fact, it can be integrated with Twitter. (Your Tweets get color-coordinated to show which service they’re coming from.) Other than that, it’s just a place for those who want to share thoughts, ideas, words of encouragement, prayer requests and daily scripture readings (you know, Christian stuff). I wonder if their fail whale has Jonah in it. It’s totally possible—even its RSS icon has a Christian theme. According to the press release, it symbolizes "Christ, His Good Work on the Cross, being communicated and broadcast to a fallen and dying world, via Web technology." If your brand is associated with Christianity and you want to get into social networking, clearly Gospelr is your path to righteousness. I fully expect Chick-fil-A to start a Gospelr feed any second now.