TV writers fight back with ‘Subservient Donald’

Donald2Excuse the pun, but we’re surprised the Subservient Chicken
still has legs. We were passed the link to this site, titled “Subservient
Donald,” and there were all those familiar visual cues: the black background,
the little box to submit a command, the subtle come-on to “tell a friend.”
Only this time, instead of a chicken glaring back at us, there was
a Donald Trump impersonator. When we asked him to comb his hair, he replied, “My
hair? I mean, let’s talk about something that really sucks, like Home Depot, or
Pepsi, or Doritos, or my hit TV show, The Apprentice.” The show’s obsession with
brand names is part of the site’s point. Click on “brought to you by,” and you’ll
find that is run by West Coast members of the Writers
Guild of America, who are trying to stop product-placement deals from taking
over TV shows.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor