Try Keeping Your Eyes on Gigi Hadid in This Whiplash-Inducing 360° Experience From BMW

A high-speed shell game

If you lose sight of supermodel Gigi Hadid in BMW's new ad, it's probably because you're too distracted by one of the automaker's sexy new M2 sports cars. 

The fashion celebrity and popular Instagram personality anchors a new campaign from agencies KBS and Serviceplan, built shamelessly around the fact that she's a looker, combined with a high-speed shell game. 

Clad in a tight red dress and spike heels, Hadid climbs into the passenger side of one of three blue 2016 M2 Coupés, which proceed to take off. Joined by two more, the cars weave in and out of each other's lanes while tearing down a runway. 

After all five come to a stop in a neat row, the ad invites viewers to guess which car is Hadid's—in essence, testing your capacity to stay laser-focused on the ride with the beautiful woman in it.

Choose correctly at the campaign's website,, gives you an extra, leggy clip of Hadid climbing out of the car, fixing her hair and smiling at the camera (because she's so impressed, you cunning fox, you). 

Choose incorrectly, and you see a lone stunt driver summarize your incompetence with one of various wordless gestures—including an amusing use of the car stereo in the best one. 

The main ad makes it tricky, if not impossible, to track the proverbial pea in the shell—at least in the standard YouTube version. Things get hairier in the 360° version below, where viewers must swivel their smartphones to track the cars from different perspectives. 

Director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Monster's Ball, World War Z) and cinematographer Mauro Fiore (Avatar, The Equalizer) shot the ad, a single uncut tracking shot, with production company Tool at an airfield in the Mojave desert. 

It does look awfully good. And to be fair, the 2016 M2—the first-ever version of the model—is a gorgeous car. So in that respect, there's a certain logic to the concept, even if it's also a bit leering at heart. Framing the fast, flashy car as a ticket to a hot young girlfriend is a hackneyed trope that doesn't exactly keep this from seeming like a mid-life crisis mobile … even if that is a classic—and often effective—confidence trick, much like the sleight-of-hand game on which this is based.

Otherwise, a largely digital campaign built around Hadid—a savvy social media player with more than 15 million followers—has a pretty good chance of luring young men into buying the car, too.



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@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.