‘TransAmerica’ promo omits a (not-so) small detail

Trans2I’m all for movie studios parlaying Oscar buzz into box office sales, particularly in the cases of TransAmerica and, to a lesser extent, the already hyped-to-them-thar-hills Brokeback Mountain, two movies that got made despite commercial reservations. But I was a little taken aback when I saw an ad for TransAmerica that showed Academy Award-nominated, Golden Globe-winning Felicity Huffman describing her character as “like your uptight aunt crossed with your next door neighbor with a heart of gold.” There’s a small but glaring detail absent from this description. Can you guess what it is? The ad clips her remarks together with some golden hour road tripping scenes and sets it to an upbeat twangy traveling melody. Like something you’d take that uptight aunt to see. You know, the one with the penis.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit