Touchscreen for Your Smartphone? That’s So Last Decade

Korean spot shows the evolution of the swipe

Check out this fine South Korean ad introducing Pantech's Sky Vega 4G LTE smartphone. It's yet another Android phone with a spiffy new feature—the Vega 4G LTE doesn't require you to touch it. Like a mystical sorcerer from a time far beyond ours, you can simple wave your hand over the screen to accept calls, flip pages, and navigate, without smearing grimy crap all over your screen protector. And if that doesn't get you, it's also the world's best-resolution LTE smartphone and the thinnest. Sadly, Engadget says there's no mention yet of a U.S. version. Just enjoy this fine advertisement, and dream of a day when we can all live in magic digital castles where everything responds to a wave of a hand.