Titus cleans up ‘Arousing technology’ theme

Titus Titus Cycles have something called titanium/carbon fiber weave construction, which we’re told is very exciting to bike nerds. Thus, the tagline: “Arousing technology.” TDA Advertising & Design in Boulder, Colo., has some fun with that theme, imagining, in the print ad above, a Titus ad in the escort-services Titus2_1
section of the Yellow Pages. It would be
cooler if the ad were actually placed in the escort-services section of the Yellow Pages, but maybe that wasn’t possible. The campaign also includes mock erectile-dysfunction ads with headlines like, “How has Titus changed my life? Ask her.” (That one was rejected by Mountain Bike Action magazine.) This new work may not be earth-shattering, but it’s better than the older Titus ad shown here (click to enlarge), which seems to warn of unexpected diarrhea attacks in the shower.

—Posted by Tim Nudd