For those who just can’t get enough Ty

Ever find yourself sitting at your desk and wishing to God you could hear the sound of Ty Montague’s voice? Well, now you can, thanks to the Ty Montague Soundboard. (The link no longer works, unfortunately.) Someone appears to have recorded the JWT creative director in action and posted a bunch of sound files to the Web. We like the “Drugs everywhere” and “You could be homeless” bits in particular. “I can’t work with you” is good, too. And the laugh. A note at the bottom urges people to record their own conversations with Ty and e-mail them in. We’ll leave the ethics of that up to you. Link via YesButNoButYes. UPDATE: YBNBY said a guy named Matt McDonald at JWT was involved, but he tells us he wasn’t. UPDATE2: Sadly, this site has now been taken down.

—Posted by Tim Nudd