This Hearing Aid Becomes a Vibrating Bracelet at Night to Keep the Wearer Safe

Smart work from BBDO Bangkok

Practically all hearing-impaired people remove their hearing aids at night, according to the Ministry of Social Development and Human Society in Thailand. But 70 percent of common household dangers also occur at night. So what happens when you can’t hear a siren or an alarm?

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation partnered with the Deaf Association of Bangkok to create a smarter hearing aid for Thailand’s 300,000-plus hearing-impaired inhabitants. The result is “Hearing Rescue,” a modified version of existing hearing aids that transforms into a bracelet at bedtime.

Some 35 percent of hearing-impaired people surveyed have had accidents at night because they can’t hear sounds that signal danger. With help from BBDO Bangkok, “Hearing Rescue” detects dangerous sounds, then vibrates to wake and warn the wearer.

The bracelet has been programmed to recognize potentially worrying sound levels (from a minimum of 60 decibels), as well as sound patterns, like those of sirens, barking dogs or fire alarms. It is now available for pre-order for about $200 apiece (and makes a far better gift than a Fitbit).

Client: Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Deaf Association Of Bangkok
Product: Thai Health’s Wellbeing Project
Agency: BBDO Bangkok

Chairman & Chief Creative Officer: Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Deputy Chief Creative Officer: Anuwat Nitipanont
Creative Director: Nattawut Sittiwaraphan
Senior Copywriter: Kanchat Chotewattanakul
Senior Copywriter: Uraiwan Pongthavornsawat
Art Director: Kroekkiat Chanthakitnukul
Art Director: Sarina Pornnimit

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