Things get even worse for Throat-Hole Guy

AdFreak has not been the biggest fan of New York City’s anti-smoking ad campaign, starring the guy who can’t swim anymore or officiate major sporting events because he’s missing a larynx. It turns out, however, that Throat-Hole Guy has been quite effective at grossing out many New Yorkers and getting them to quit the cancer sticks. Still, his misfortunes continue: He may soon be out of a job, according to the Times, which says city health officials are still mulling over which direction to take the ad campaign. If he is fired, things will never be the same yet again for Throat-Hole Guy (aka Ronaldo Martinez), who really wants to keep doing the downer ads and is willing to relocate if NYC doesn’t re-up for another round. Of course, if he does get picked up by another city, he could add job insecurity to his long list of woes.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey