These Trippy 3-D Paintings Will Baffle Your Brain and Spark Your Creativity

Is 'reverspective' the next frontier for outdoor ads?

Here's an idea that could make outdoor advertising not only more attention-grabbing but also more shareable.

Given how many awards show judges were mesmerized by Honda's mind-bending "Illusions" ad from mcgarrybowen (which won gold at Cannes and the public choice award in The One Show's Automobile Advertising of the Year), agencies might want to look into the real-world optical awesomeness of reverse perspective.

As you can see in the videos below from British artist Brian Weavers and "reverspective" innovator Patrick Hughes, the painters create 3-D images that seem to shift before your eyes as you look at them from different angles.

While out-of-home marketers have been using 3-D tricks for years, this approach takes it a big step further. Seeing an ad like this would certainly stop you in your tracks and likely even make you pull out your smartphone to shoot some video and blow your friends' minds.

I couldn't find many examples of reverse perspective in high-profile ad placements, but let us know in the comments if you know of some beyond the Nokia case study below.


To see even more interesting uses of reverse perspective, check out this video featuring the art style's best-known pioneer, Patrick Hughes:


Here's how Nokia used reverspective to launch the Lumia: