These Doggie Dental Chews Promise to Keep Your Pooch From Getting ‘British Teeth’

First Brexit, now this

In its new ads, Greenies Canine Dental Chews dusts off the old gag about British people having terrible teeth.

Created for the Mars brand by adam&eveDDB London, the campaign invents a silly-sounding oral affliction, “Anglo-canine-astis,” which is said to be making American dogs look like furry candidates for the Big British Book of Smiles.

“Our forefathers didn’t fight for independence for our dogs to have terrible teeth,” says a Yank veterinarian in the ad below, as he flashes his pearly whites. Some truly awful British smiles are also on display, the outlandish yellowing and decay achieved through prostheses, of course, and played strictly for laughs:

The cute pooch, Roly, appeared on Downton Abbey. (No, really. He might want to get a new agent, because his career seems to be heading in the wrong direction.)

“Many dog owners don’t realize that by the age of 3, more than three-quarters of dogs show signs of oral hygiene issues,” Anna Rudeva, Mars Petcare marketing director for dog treats, tells AdFreak. “If left untreated, these issues can lead to other health problems. Our intention is for ‘British Teeth’ to convey the importance of oral care in their pet’s regular routine.”

Fair enough. And the ad’s certainly memorable. Still, wags (heh, wags) might suggest the combination of two overused memes—bad British teeth and silly fake diseases—lacks a certain bite.

“We’ve seen the joke played out in many ways, but not with dogs,” Rudeva says. “When our partners at [adam&eve] came to us with this idea, we thought it was the perfect way to spin the age-old joke on its head. We intentionally pushed the boundaries by using extreme examples—like the punk rocker, chimney sweep and caricature dog smile—to elicit humor and spark a larger conversation about a serious topic.”

Client: Mars
Brand: Greenies Treats
Project name: British Teeth
Client: Craig Neely (Vice President Marketing, Mars Patcare) Anna Rudeva (Dog Care & Treats BMT Director), Kristen Bednar (Brand Manager, Greenies)
Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim
Creative Director/s: Richard Brim
Creatives: Ben Stilitz & Colin Booth
Agency producer: Brittany Littlewood
Planner: Stuart Harrison
Business Director: Amelia Blashill
Account Director: Jo Lorimer
Media agency: MediaCom and Starcom
Production company: Somesuch
Executive Producer: Lou Hake
Producer: Jane Lloyd
Director: Sam Hibbard
D.O.P: Mattias Nyberg
Editing Company: Work Editorial
Editor: Saam Hodivala
Post Production: Coffee&TV / The Mill
Post Producer: Sarah Walsh / Kirsty Ratcliffe
Colourist: James Bamford
Audio Post Production: Factory
Sound Engineer: Phil Bolland

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