These 2 Students Are Trying to Land Agency Jobs at Cannes—and They’re Not Even There

They spent $120 on geo-targeted Facebook ads instead

Two Miami Ad School students are hunting for jobs at Cannes without even being there.
Headshot of Katie Richards

CANNES, France–How do you make a splash at Cannes and land a major agency gig when you can’t cough up money or spare the time to actually attend the festival?

Oscar Gierup and Kristina Samsonova, two students about to graduate from Miami Ad School, came up with an idea to reach agency leaders where they’re likely to be spending a good chunk of their time over the next week–on their smartphones and on Facebook.

The duo created a series of sponsored Facebook ads in a move they hope will help get their portfolios in front of some of the industry’s biggest names. In all, they spent just $120 to pull it off. The best part of the stunt is that the ads are geo-targeted to run in Cannes, so only people in the area will be able to see them. Gierup and Samsonova also filtered their posts to specifically target people working in advertising or related fields.

“We guessed that Cannes would be busy, so we had to figure a way to get attention in the social media feeds in a cheeky way,” Gierup said in an email. “The copy is meant to be kind of provoking but with some humor to it. Visually, we tried to keep it in Cannes’ colors so people would think it is another important festival announcement.”

The ads will run through June 24, so if you’re in Cannes, be sure to keep an eye out when you’re scrolling through all those pictures of rosé in your Facebook time line. Underneath each image or ad, there’s a link to either Gierup’s or Samsonova’s portfolio.

“The end goal is to get hired, but to accomplish that, we need to get our portfolios in front of the right people,” Gierup said. “To try to reach the right people using emails you find on agency websites is basically impossible. We needed to find another way to get attention and in the end get hired.”

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.