There’s Finally a Video Game for Font Geeks

Type:Rider explores the legacy of letterpress

Most of us can spot Comic Sans a mile away (or at least in an email forward from Aunt Connie), but now there's a video game for those who truly get worked up about typography.

Essentially a puzzle platformer, Type:Rider takes players on a journey of fonts and beautiful graphics. Each level is designed thematically based on different typefaces. For example, the Gothic stage has a Gregorian soundtrack and stark backdrops. As you maneuver your colon (the punctuation mark, not the organ) through each level, you discover the history and legacy of each font. There's even talk of a secret level featuring the aforementioned, widely hated Comic Sans.

Although a feast for the aesthete, the game does not come without complaints. Several iTunes reviewers have criticized the app for frequently crashing, but others say occasional bugs shouldn't deter the graphic designer or history lover from dropping a few bucks on it ($2.99 for iOS devices, $3.64 on Android). Hat tip to Adverve.

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