There’s still time to visit Alaska

Alaska_1You could argue that Alaska’s new “B4UDIE” billboards, now up in Seattle, Los Angeles and Minneapolis, are a bit strange for major U.S. cityscapes in an era of heightened security. Or you could not worry about it so much. People often cite visiting Alaska as one of the things they want to do before they die; why not play off that, the Alaska Travel Industry Association figures. Speaking of which, “things you should do before you die” is a huge topic online. Check out these lists from Cuba’s hero of independence, Jos Mart (“Eat a meal good enough to be your last,” “Make an enemy for life”); the Travel Channel (“Soak in the mud and waters of the Dead Sea,” “Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef”); and Maxim (“Drink an entire keg of Guinness by yourself (no time limit),” “Kick your dad’s ass”).

—Posted by Tim Nudd