This Texas Nissan Dealer’s Ads Really Are Just Preposterously Racist

Charlie Clark does Tonto

I both love and hate the fact that "bad/offensive car dealership ad" is an accepted genre of TV marketing now. I mean, nothing sells me on a car faster than terrible acting, crappy sound and cartoonish ethnic stereotypes, and Charlie Clark Nissan employs all of those in a series of ads that are basically Hearst newsrag political cartoons from the 1930s. Also, the bald guy in the Tonto ad—which has been pulled from YouTube—looks like The Creeper from The Suffering: The Ties That Bind, which leaves me even further disinclined from ever buying a car at this place. Free marketing tip for these guys: I know you think any publicity is good publicity because you're raising awareness/generating buzz, but that only works when your target audience doesn't think you're all racist halfwits. Via Deadspin.

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