Testicles Give Amusing ‘Testi-Monials’ in This Straight-Talking Anti-Cancer Campaign

Eulogies for their fallen partners

We started the week with testicle-themed advertising, and now we come full circle.

Men don't really like to talk about testicular cancer. But the testicles themselves certainly do, judging by this disturbing yet comical cancer-awareness campaign from FCB Cape Town for the Cancer Association of South Africa. 

In a pair of videos and on a special website, they give "testi-monials" about cancer and how they've been personally affected by it. They also give advice on how to self-examine and help detect signs and symptoms.

FCB worked with Hellocomputer on the animations, which took about eight months to create in all. "That's a lot of time to create realistic-looking talking testes. But well worth the effort," the agency says in a statement. (The individual animators and art directors who had to stare at this work for eight months might be whistling a different tune.) 

"We realized that if we could find a way to reduce the awkwardness around the topic of testicular cancer and get a conversation started, we'd be able to increase the chances of early detection," says Mike Barnwell, executive creative director at FCB Cape Town. 

Via Adland.

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