Terrifying POV Footage of Red Bull Jump Shows How Felix Baumgartner Got Out of an Uncontrolled Spin

Video marks anniversary of leap

If the mere idea of falling 24 miles through Earth's atmosphere weren't scary enough for you, here's some footage that shows how truly terrifying it really is.

Red Bull has released nearly 10 minutes of first-person footage from Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking jump last Oct. 15 from the edge of space to the desert of New Mexico, along with visualized data showing his altitude, speed, heart rate and G-force stress. If you can handle it, it's worth watching just for the first 90 seconds, when Baumgartner struggles through an uncontrolled spin at 800 miles per hour.

Wired explains: "A relatively mild instability beginning about 25 seconds into the jump appeared to stabilize as he accelerated towards his top speed of Mach 1.25 (844 mph). But as Baumgartner continued to fall through the very thin air, the lack of control was apparent and the spin progressed into something that looks much worse from his point of view than it did from the outside."

Using his arms to regain control, he managed to get back on track, and the rest is relatively smooth sailing. For those who want even more, check out Red Bull's full documentary on the Stratos jump.

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