TechMagic Podcast: Humane’s AI Wearable and Call of Duty Turns 20

Cathy Hackl and guest host Lee Kebler dive deep into our tech futures, current tech and gaming news

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Cathy Hackl and guest host Lee Kebler release their fourth episode of TechMagic, the show that dives deep into today’s tech news and explores the future of tech and gaming. In this episode, Hackl and Kebler talk about their Halloween weekends and the impact of gaming culture on today’s Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Hackl and Kebler talk about President Biden’s AI executive order and the impact of AI governance. They have a discussion about Humane’s AI wearable launch on Nov. 9 and ask the question if AI is a fad or the future?

People are talking to ChatGPT now more than ever, so they decided to bring ChatGPT onto the show. Kebler questions the AI about the implications of people talking to it instead of socializing with other humans. Hackl and Kebler give their thoughts on whether talking to ChatGPT-like AI is the future.

It’s not an episode of TechMagic without talking about gaming! Hackl informs Kebler that Call of Duty turned 20 years old this year. Kebler can’t believe it. Both reminisce about their early days playing video games. The future is here and another brand launch in a video game. Marriott Bonvoy released a map in Fortnite Creative. Hackl and Kebler talk about the opportunities and challenges that come after launching a branded experience in a gaming platform like Fortnite or Roblox. 

This week’s guest interview is with Ari Peralta. Peralta is the CEO of Arigami, an international research consultancy at the forefront of neuroscience, sensory design and wellbeing. Hackl and Peralta talk about how sensory design is becoming more important than ever. 

Producer Lily Snyder joins the show for a Dispatch from the Fringe. In this segment, Snyder shares the weirdest story in tech this week. This week, it’s about 1 Million virtual flights inside a user-generated Ryanair world in Roblox. 

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