TechMagic Podcast: April Fools and AI

Plus, an interview with PARQOR Founder Andrew Rosen, author of the Medium Shift

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In this episode, host Cathy Hackl and guest host Lee Kebler discuss their favorite April Fools’ Day pranks in tech. Hackl shares an April Fool’s from Gary Marcus about an OpenAI sneak peek.

More in AI news, the CEO of StabilityAI stepped down. Kebler talks about Lego’s apology for using AI art. They segway into what’s happening on the Internet including Steve Wozniak suing YouTube, Pornhub being blocked in Texas and why video games can’t quit microtransactions. Lee explains Oregon’s governor signing the nation’s first right-to-repair bill.

Later in the episode, Hackl interviews Andrew Rosen, founder of PARQOR and author of the Medium Shift.

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