Target’s 2-Day Sale lady totally frightens me

Target is attempting to lure shoppers to its annual two-day sale with a cautionary tale about a Christmas-crazed housewife. Overzealous holiday shoppers are a fairly common theme, but rarely are they as serial-killery as this lady. She hasn't slept in days, she's convinced she'll "win Christmas," and I hope to God she doesn't knife me if I get to the doorbusters before her. The spot below is one of a series. Check out the other ads here. The actress, Maria Bamford, has that special kind of Christmas-crazy down pat. (Bamford is known for her stand-up jokes about depression and loneliness, which comes as no surprise whatsoever.) Target must have realized she'd frighten some shoppers, because they made another spot for people who don't "channel all their insecurities into Christmas." Unfortunately, Target has also just reminded me why I hate Black Friday: having to elbow my way through a store of people just as bat-shit as their spokeswoman while praying I don't get trampled to death. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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