A talking dog can help you quit marijuana

Ondcp With their lilting fake-Beatles “Strawberry Fields” sci-fi Hammond B-3 sci-fi sounds and their faux naif animation, DraftFCB’s Wieden + Kennedy’s “Above the Influence” anti-pot ads for the ONDCP may be unintentionally serving as toke-up art for the TV-watching wasted. A consistent theme is the anti-hero’s ongoing Son-of-Sam-like conversation with a dog, who says, “You disappoint me.” (This is for those who figured it didn’t count when their parents said that.) The ads have motivated some potheads to blog venom (one EW Popwatch reader writes, “I liked it beter when they fried my brains in a skillet”), but they’re also garnering praise for being so, like, mesmerizing, man! Could Woody Harrelson please respond? AdFreak knows you’re out there somewhere, provided you haven’t been abducted by aliens or snookered into a conversation with Fido.

—Posted by Gregory Solman