Talk even more crap with C-K’s slang book

Ah, agencies with too much time on their hands. Cramer-Krasselt has issued its second annual Cultural Dictionary. Somehow I missed the first one. Was there a clamor for a new edition? Kidding, C-K. The shop's brand planning team compiles invaluable definitions for burgeoning buzzwords like "Spitzer'd," "Slacktivism," "Blackburied" and "Precycling." Does anyone use such terminology for actual communications? I checked the newly launched, which offers an interactive dictionary with an impressive array of information and statistics about (more or less) every word in the English language. There's lots of social-media cross-referencing, so if a word's in the vernacular to any degree, Wordnik’s got it. "Slacktivisim" and "Precycling," and most of the terms C-K collected, showed up! I guess they are buzzwords after all. I take back my unkind jibes. To take a page from your book (page 25, to be exact) I'm now officially on hate-cation.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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