The Taco Bell dog’s true Hollywood story

Here’s a humorous E! True Hollywood Story type segment on the life of a famous fast-food Chihuahua. It’s obviously meant to be Taco Bell’s Gidget, but here the doomed pooch, caught up in a whirlwind of debauchery and drug use, is Arnesto Martinez, spokesdog for the fictional Burrito Barn. Gidget herself did not die of an overdose—nor, contrary to one rumor, was she crushed by falling equipment during a commercial shoot. She reportedly is enjoying a peaceful retirement somewhere in Texas. UPDATE: In a similar vein, here’s a video of Mr. Pringles explaining his arrest after a traffic stop, à la Mel Gibson. He blames it on his potato-chip addiction, saying, “Once I pop, I truly cannot stop.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd