Taco Bell Agrees to Send Facebook Fan a Custom 'Think Outside the Buns' Speedo

High-school swimmer asks, and shall receive

Taco Bell's Twitter feed is notoriously lively. Whoever's manning its Facebook page is a bit of a wiseacre, too, but not in a bad way. When a high-school swimmer from Illinois—a self-described devoted Taco Bell eater—requested a custom Speedo with the phrase "Think outside the buns" on the back, the chain responded by asking for his size and mailing address. It's funny, and definitely unexpected from a national chain, when most local places barely engage with their fans. The swimmer, Ryan Klarner, said Monday that he expects the prized garment to arrive "sometime this week." The only possible downside, as a few grumpy commenters have pointed out in the thread, is that the custom Speedo could be seen as an endorsement, which would theoretically threaten Klarner's amateur status. He's not worried. "Guys, chill. Just a speedo, nothing more," he writes. Via Mashable.