T-Mobile Girl Ditches Her Classic Pink Dress for Biker Duds

Spokesgirl gets a sexy makeover

With a failed merger, the loss of a glut of customers and the sad lack of an iPhone, it may seem like the only thing T-Mobile has going for it is its super-cute, lovable spokesgirl with a taste for magenta. So, it seems odd that they'd toss the iconic dress along with her bubbly dialogue and make her suit up in a magenta-accented biker costume. In the spot below, Carly can't find anything to wear in her absurdly monochrome wardrobe (remind you of Progressive's spot with Flo's closet full of aprons and name tags?), until she spots the leather racing suit, which leads to her solo ride on a pink-infused crotch rocket. The copy? "No more Mr. Nice Girl." The point? You can test drive T-Mobile's 4G network. Created by Publicis Seattle, the campaign also includes a website where you "test-drive" T-Mobile devices against the cooler phones of other carriers. It's a good thing they started out with the dress sequence because I didn't recognize new sexy Carly even though this is the second time she's suited up in skintight leather for the brand. Expect to see more of dark and dangerous Carly and her 1,000-cc Ducati superbike as the spots continue to roll out alongside new phones.

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