Swedish Hospital's Ad Seeks 'Hot' Nurses for the ER

Oh, you should be qualified, too

Stockholm's South General Hospital is poking fun at the stereotype of sexy Swedish nurses with an ad campaign calling for "TV-series hot" applicants for a summer position in the hospital's ER. "You will be motivated, professional, and have a sense of humour. And of course, you will be TV-series hot or a Söder hipster. Throw in a nurse's education and you are welcome to seek a summer job at Södersjukhuset's emergency department," reads the ad. Of course, there's been a bit of grousing over this. The hospital claims the ads are all in cheeky good fun, and points to the backpedaling statement on its website ("We hope we piqued your curiosity and you want to come and meet us, so we can tell you more about your future as a nurse") as evidence that it's actually looking for someone qualified. Best of luck to them, but it seems counterproductive to run ads that require an immediate apology and clarification. Besides, European nurses deal with enough grabby patients as it is, if Holland and the U.K. are any indication.