Super Bowl ads that YouTube liked the most

Yesterday, we looked at USA Today‘s take on the most-liked ads of the Super Bowl, which left us more than a little skeptical. Today, we bring you data from the world’s biggest focus group: YouTube. About 24 hours after the game ended, we tallied up the “Likes” and “Dislikes” earned by every Super Bowl spot on YouTube, then created a “YouTube Index” to rank the ads. The index shows the number of “Likes” for every “Dislike,” capturing the overall sentiment toward each ad, regardless of its popularity (i.e., number of views). This helped even the playing field with spots like Volkswagen’s “The Force,” which racked up more than 10 million views before the game even started. So what did we find? Sweet, sweet validation. See the entire list after the jump.

AdLikes per Dislike
Volkswagen: Black Beetle134.36
Bridgestone: Carma133.45
House: You’re the Best Ever122.00
Volkswagen: The Force64.33
Bridgestone: Reply All52.82
Captain America41.16
Doritos: House Sitting38.73
NFL: Best Fans Ever31.13
Chrysler: Imported from Detroit29.53
Brisk: Eminem28.93
Kia: One Epic Ride26.73
Audi: Release the Hounds26.33
CarMax: Kid in a Candy Store26.00
Pirates of the Caribbean25.33
Chevy Silverado: Tommy25.20
Super 823.30
Chevy Camaro: Miss Evelyn20.59
Snickers: Logging17.75
Fast Five16.55
Coca-Cola: Border14.38
Bud Light: Product Placement12.43 Go First12.27
Best Buy: Bieber/Ozzy11.82
Coca-Cola: Siege11.49
CareerBuilder: Parking Lot11.48
Doritos: The Best Part11.40
CarMax: Gas Station9.75
Cellular South9.67
Pepsi MAX: First Date9.67
Doritos: Pug Attack9.15
Cowboys & Aliens8.63
e*trade: Tailor8.13
“Teleflora: Help Me, Faith”8.00
Bud Light: Dog Sitter7.81
Motorola: Empower the People7.57
Skechers: Break Up 2 Shape Up7.06 Reviews Are In7.00
Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY6.90
Pepsi MAX: Love Hurts6.80
Chevy Cruze: Misunderstanding6.57
Chevy Volt: Discovery6.44
Hyundai: Anachronistic City5.93
Mercedes: Welcome5.24
Glee: Chevrolet4.76
BMW: Changes4.52
Budweiser: Wild West4.31
Pepsi MAX: Torpedo Cooler4.28
Sealy: After Glow3.43
Stella Artois: Crying Jean3.19
HomeAway: Test Baby3.07
Bud Light: Hack Job2.99
BMW: Defying Logic2.65
MINI USA – Cram it in the Boot2.23
Suzuki: Wicked Weather2.17
Chevy Cruze: Status2.00
The X Factor1.99
Jack in the Box: I Love America1.80
Hyundai: Deprogramming1.68
Hyundai: Hypnotize1.24 Halftime 11.13 Halftime 20.79
Go Daddy: New .co Girl0.63
Go Daddy: Contract0.39
Groupon: Tibet0.17

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