Summer reading, courtesy of ex-Y&R ecd

Futurist Speaking of books by ex-ad people, Jim Othmer, former executive creative director at Young & Rubicam in New York, has a new novel out called The Futurist. I haven’t read it, but Heidi Julavits says it’s decent! (She also thinks Jim is “eye-poppingly talented.”) Actually, it’s getting good reviews generally (aside from LA Weekly’s opinion that Othmer “just seems like an asshole”). Written by an ex-Y&R guy, the book naturally is a dark comedy. It follows the adventures of a futurist (aka bullshit artist) in a world gone pear-shaped; the Web site says the story is “equal parts subversive satire, genuine physical fear, and heartfelt moral anguish.” The first chapter of the book appeared in the Virginia Quarterly Review and earned Othmer a National Magazine Award finalist nomination. It also allowed him, he says on his blog, to finally quit his day job after spending “the last 20 years seeking the title ‘former adman.’ ”

—Posted by Tim Nudd