Suggestive Toyota ad gets a good pounding

"I'm here to take Jennifer's virginity out tonight." "She can take a good pounding in any direction." "I'll have her on her back by 11." "I'm ready to blow." This innuendo-laced online Yaris spot won a short-film contest held by Saatchi & Saatchi and Toyota Australia but has been pulled after angry protests that it's sexist and even incestuous. It probably does cross a line when the kid demonstrates what he plans to do with the airbags. The spot was created by production house Play TV in Brisbane. The director, Frazer Bailey, seems a bit baffled by the uproar. "I thought it was funny—a bit of a boy's joke," he tells the Sydney Morning Herald. "And then my mum read it and she laughed out loud." Via Jalopnik.

—Posted by Tim Nudd