Subway’s slim Jared finishes NYC marathon


When photos surfaced last December showing Subway spokesman Jared Fogle looking considerably heftier, the brand had a problem on its hands. So, a plan was hatched: Make Jared run the New York City Marathon. Subway built an entire campaign around Jared covering the 26.2 miles. Yesterday, he was able to struggle his way to the finish in a pedestrian 5:13. It seems Jared used a jog/walk plan, based on footage of him walking up Fifth Avenue (see below). Subway immediately ran "Congratulation, Jared" commercials. Celebrity marathoning has been a thing since Oprah made her way through the Marine Corps Marathon in 4:29. Jared wasn't able to match her, but he did beat out some other celebrities, including Chilean miner Edwin Pena (5:40), Howard Stern co-host Robin Quivers (6:09) and Today weatherman Al Roker (7:09).