Suburban moms hit streets in anti-drug ads

These new ads by Allen & Gerristen for the Partnership for a Drug Free America strive to empower parents to get the information they need to discuss drug use with their kids. The vignettes show what moms won't need to do: visit dealers and hang out in crack dens. (Where are the dads, tossing back a few at the local bar?) Actually, it's a reasonable strategy, but the execution is so odd, it muddles the message. Why portray the parents as bubble-headed suburbanites who can't identify crack even when they walk into a crack den? Actually, the teens in that spot look more like vampires than junkies, and the scene plays like a goofy outtake from Twilight. I know absurdity's the whole point here, but the "dealers" in the street-corner spot seem to be channeling Scott Baio's Chachi for their tough-guy/urban accents. I feel like I'm on drugs just watching it!

—Posted by David Gianatasio