Stride Gum hates Uwe Boll. Or does it?

With a few notable exceptions, like Leni Riefenstahl and D.W. Griffith, it’s hard to think of a filmmaker who’s been more roundly despised than Uwe Boll. With retina-shredding game-to-movie adaptations like BloodRayne and House of the Dead, Boll has approached video games the way Girls Gone Wild approaches female empowerment. Now, Stride Gum has joined the fray as the first corporate sponsor of the effort. If 1 million people sign a petition in an attempt to end Boll’s career, Stride says it will give each signer a free pack of gum. Cinematical wisely notes that Stride’s deadline is May 23—opening day for Boll’s latest atrocity, Postal. That seems to imply that Stride is actually helping to boost publicity for the new release. So, what’s a Boll hater to do? Well, how about we all stop watching his movies? There’s a start.

—Posted by David Griner