StrawberryFrog tries out Internet karaoke

Onitsuka_1The ad agency we like to call StrawberryFrogFish has outdone itself with its latest project: a pan-European Internet karaoke competition tied to this summer’s World Cup in Germany. Plug a microphone into your computer, and sing along with members of the Onitsuka Tiger National Choir as they belt out an original three-minute soccer anthem called “Lovely Football.” (The choir is named for, and led by, Asics founder Kihachiro Onitsuka.) The Web site scores your singing based on accuracy of the lyrics, tone, volume (don’t be shy) and key. More info here. The video is just awesome. I tried to sing along, but would’ve felt more confident, karaokewise, if it had been early-’70s Billy Joel, for example. The contest is tied to the launch of Asics’ Injector DX street footwear, based on the company’s 1972 soccer cleats.

—Posted by Tim Nudd