Australian Advertising Agency Still Celebrating That Global Content Marketing Award

Storyation worked with Tourism New Zealand and a trio of top-flight U.S. chefs

At the recent Global Content Marketing Awards, the winner in the category of Native Advertising/Sponsored Content was Tourism New Zealand, for a piece in Robb Report about U.S. restaurateurs visiting Kiwi country. The campaign was spearheaded by the organization’s Premium sector, launched in 2013 with the goal of targeting the world’s wealthiest ten percent.

In the wake of the win, Sydney-based ad agency Storyation, which created the campaign with Tourism New Zealand, has shared some details about how they did it. Partly because a lot of their other clients have been asking about the Robb Report effort:

For this campaign, we focused on a key market—the United States–and used the insight that food and wine is a deep interest of Tourism New Zealand’s Very High Net Work Individuals (VHNWI) and Ultra High Net Worth Inividuals (UHNWI) target market. We built a multimedia content solution around a group of exceptionally high-profile influencers traveling to New Zealand to visit luxury lodges.

The three restaurateurs were Will Guidara, owner of the Michelin-starred Madison Park in New York, which was recently named number one on the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants list; Christina Tosi, U.S. Master Chef judge and owner of Momofuku Milk Bar; and Seattle restaurateur Brian Canlis.

We needed to create content about the trio’s trip to New Zealand that was not simply a passive travelogue of images but used proven storytelling techniques to allow the influencers to authentically share their reflections on their New Zealand luxury experience and create an emotional connection with the target audience and compete against editorial.

Tourism New Zealand set a goal of 30,000 clicks for the campaign, which was easily exceeded. A bespoke/Robb Report exit survey found that 65 per cent of the readers who viewed this content said it had increased their intent to visit New Zealand for a vacation.

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