Stirring New Trailer Shows Rogue One May Be the Most Intense Star Wars Movie Yet

The Death Star just got personal

There is much to find familiar in Rogue One, the upcoming Star Wars spinoff, but there is also a tone that's totally new to the series.

The story clearly has frequent refrains we've seen in the series—children working against their parents, a scrappy group of infiltrators taking on impossible odds, and the idea that all roads lead back to Darth Vader. 

But with the release of the movie's new (and reportedly final) trailer, one that finally shares the true essence of the plot and character motivations, we see yet again that Rogue One will have a grit and intensity that's rarely been found in the cinematic world of Star Wars:

Rogue One's storytelling certainly takes cues from J.J. Abrams' modernized take on the franchise in The Force Awakens. But the trailers hint that this new installment—set before the original Episode IV—will be less about fantastical creatures and mysterious worlds than about intense dedication in the face of a looming apocalypse.

The revelation of a personal connection between protagonist Jyn Erso and the designer of the Death Star also shows that this story won't be as simplistic as a "get the plans" spy story. (On a related note, though, the plot does seem to share quite a bit with Clive Owen's excellent 2015 reboot of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., but I digress.)

For now it seems that Star Wars fans have good reason to be excited for December to come around. The movie hits theaters Dec. 16.