Stephen Colbert’s Rick Perry Ad Urges Iowans to Write in ‘Rick Parry’

Stephen Colbert has a message for Iowa Republicans ahead of Saturday's symbolic Ames straw poll: Don't support Rick Perry, the not-yet-quite-but-soon-to-be-officially-running favorite candidate of shady, deep-pocketed political groups. Instead, Colbert urges, write in Rick Parry, with an "a"—the Texas governor's alter ego, a gun-waving, teeth-gritting champion of the American sheeple, and the favorite of Colbert's own shady, deep-pocketed political group. It's a pretty amusing send-up of the ongoing debate over unlimited, undisclosed political spending. But any political ad featuring a ewe, even in parody, is hard pressed to top that paragon of ovine campaign messaging: last cycle's totally sincere, insane "Demon Sheep" spot. Hat tip: Ben Smith at Politico. UPDATE: And the pro-Parry effort continues with a second, even more ridiculous spot (scroll down), attacking the opposition's "cheap cornography"—offering up properly buttered "niblets" instead.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.