Stella keeps the 1960s French Riviera alive

As much as I enjoyed the vaudevillian switch-up gags in this Stella Artois ad below, from Mother in London, I'm not sure what the guy is so happy about by the end. Sure, he's got a nicer car and better clothes, but that hot blonde chick is long gone by the time he gets to the hotel. At best, he broke even. Whoever commissioned that chicken truck he was driving is bound to be upset, too, but that's more of a Pabst Blue Ribbon ad. The 1960s French Riviera theme extends to the print campaign, which features ads from legendary film illustrator Robert McGinnis, who did iconic posters for James Bond films. Mother convinced McGinnis, supposedly a Stella fan, to come out of retirement to create the ads.

—Posted by David Kiefaber