Stay Comfy, Even When You’re Not, With Cotton Inc.’s Holiday Line of Clothes

Soft duds for those hard seasonal problems

The holidays are bound to lead to some awkward moments, like perhaps when Mom has a bit too much to drink. But if you're wearing comfortable clothing, they might just be a little more bearable.

A new campaign from trade group Cotton Incorporated and DDB New York offers suggestions on how to dress to get through your family time this Christmas season.

A cotton shirt will make it easier to sit at the kids' table, says the centerpiece ad, even if you're aged well out of the group. Cotton socks might take the edge off your grandma trying to play footsie with you (mistaking you for her boyfriend).

There's a cotton jumpsuit for when your least self-aware relative gives a gift of the massager you gave to him or her the year prior. (Benicio del Toro might also have some pointers on how to handle that one.) There's even a cotton hoodie, for when whoever is cooking ruins dinner and you have to venture out in the cold for Chinese takeout.

A website, meanwhile, will offer the fashions to anyone who wishes to buy them, part of the aptly titled "Comfortable Collection for Uncomfortable Holiday Moments."

Overall, it's a goofy idea, but endearing enough. While the claim that your duds will provide much material support during the annual horror-show may rate as a little thin, it's hard to argue against the basic premise.

And whatever comes, you'll be less miserable if you're not clad head to toe in scratchy wool.


Client: Cotton Incorporated

Agency: DDB NY

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