‘Star Trek’ promotional machine hits Warp 9

The release of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot is still a month away, but the promotional engines are already on overdrive. The fifth Trek trailer (above) has been released. Facebook and Paramount just teamed up to release exclusive, limited-edition T-shirts created by "a variety of pop culture artists." Issue two of the comic-book prequel to the movie prequel is on sale, as are the Official Trading Cards (now with more slave girls!). MTV Games is giving away 500 free Rock Band downloads in a confusing, half-assed promotion that lets you rock out online in a Star Trek Battle of the Bands to win a hometown premiere. Eternal Image inked a deal to exclusively offer official Star Trek urns and caskets. And leading up to the U.S. premiere, the Trek world tour will be Twittered. (You can ask Abrams, Eric Bana, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto questions using the #asktrek hashtag.) Or check out the Trek tour video feed via Phreadz. I guess something's working. With weeks to go before the premiere, Paramount has already started on the sequel.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers