Sprout a Movember ‘stache for men’s health

Hey men, it's Movember again! Which means it's time for the annual push to grow a mustache to support awareness of men's health. This time, there's a slew of videos, including the one below—a little ditty called "Every Time You Shave, a Mustache Dies," by Dead Cat Bounce, a comedy band from Ireland. Snag it on iTunes to support men's health, and sign up to grow your own 'stache. Then download the iPhone app to track your progress, or buy a new Flip camcorder with a dapper little 'stache attached to donate $10 to cancer research and film your magnificent lip creation! Get growing, men! And remember, every time a mustache dies, Tom Selleck cries. See a few more Movember videos after the jump, and a whole ton of them at the YouTube channel.